A developed country in East Asia to be the world’s best gadgets manufactures like Samsung ang LG. South Korea located in south of the Korean peninsula. South Korea tourism has long been one of the INCLUSIVE VACATIONS favorite destination, because  successfully blends culture and modern lifestyle. Has thousands of islands, mostly small and uninhabited island with Jeju as the largest island in South Korea. This developed country is bordered by Japan is across the sea of Japan,  North Korea to the north, Yellow Sea to the west, and Korea strait in the southeast. The nation’s capital city is located in Seoul which is a world-class metropolis city.


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As a world tourist destinations, South Korea has a lot of attractive tourist destination. South korea tourism  has many historical places like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gyeonju Temple, Achasanseoung Fortress, Hakok Bukcong Village, and Changdeokgung Palace. There are also religious sites such as the Bongeunsa Doseonsa Temple, when ancient ruins in Gochang, Hwasung, and Ganghwa Dolmen sites. One of the main INCLUSIVE VACATIONS goal here is relax on pristine park like in Boramae park, Dolharbang park, Dosan park, Hangang park, Arboretum Hongneun, Hueree park, Jeju Herb hill, and Yeomiji Botanical Garden.

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South Korea present a stunning natural scenery as well guarded as Baeksasil vally and Yudal mountain. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of natural waterfalls in Cheonjeyeon, Eongtto, and Jeongbang waterfalls. South Korea tourism still have such a shady dense forest like Bijarim Jeolmul Forest and Naturl Forest Resort. Enjoy the thrill of water sports as the beach playing challenging in Hamdeok beach, Yongmeori beach, or Jungmun-Daepo coast. After exploring all the charm of South Korea, then a series of activities to fill INCLUSIVE VACATOINS the tourists used to go to amusement park. Lots of amusement park of South Korea has its own character like in Seoungeup Land, Soingook Theme Park, Physe World Theme Park, and The Southerland Park.


As developed countries, South Korea has been providing adequete transportation for the tourists as Saemaeul Express Train and KTX ( Korea Train Express ). A variety of traditional or modern shopping areas like Rodeo Street in Apgujeoung, Beautiplex in Myeongdong, E-mart, and Gangnam District is known as a shopping center for the upper class. Famous tourists destinations in South Korea, among others, Admiral Yi Sun Shin Statue, Jeju Island, Manjang Cave, Korean International Circuit, Oedolgae, Seongsan Ilchulbong, and Udo island. South Korea Tourism has been succesful in promoting tourism in their country, as evidenced by the many INCLUSIVE VACATIONS to their country every year.


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